DCR Bond Author

PHOTOGRAPHY © Alexander Rhind

DCR Bond (Debbie) was born in London, but grew up Jamaica, then Zambia, anddimensions of this international upbringing feature in her writing. As a child she was encouraged to write and wanted to nurture her talent and become a journalist.

She never did; instead, she studied law, then qualified as an accountant and worked for twenty years in the City. She’s not sure she ever really enjoyed that job.

Now freed from the shackles of the day job, DCR Bond has reverted to her childhood passion and loves her new career. Her women's fiction novels are light-hearted, visual, fast-paced, and easy to read, with strong credible and relatable characters.

When Debbie is not writing, she can be found playing tennis (badly), bridge (a little better), in the gym, walking her dogs on Exmoor, or tending her garden - she loves cooking her own produce for friends and family. She lives with her husband in rural Devon, surrounded by their miniature bull terriers and small flock of free-range hens.